Anonymous asked:

how about setting it up like a glittery gay SAW trap in which it's set up like a normal trap you'd see in a SAW movie, except when the trap is sprung you're tapped shirtless and barefoot and instead of you getting killed, these hands come out and start tickling your pits sides and bare feet. your ticklish laughter leads a big bear friend to eventually find you and free you, but the cost is now he is trapped shirtless and barefoot and being tickle tortured. instead of saving him you run. lol

wow. who’s gonna do the production?

do you like tickle torture?

Anonymous asked:

Are you touring r u coming to boston, or providence or ct ??? Your fan paul

Im in ptown right now 4 bear week :)

def wanna play in boston for sure. An east coast thing would be great. Just looking for good booking opportunities.

feeling super relieved after all the craziness with the kickstarter. there are a lot of exciting new projects in the works for the summer and I have to stay dedicated and focused. new music, new videos duh, and lots of shows and fun opportunities for exposure.  sometimes i put too much pressure on the immediate and forget to pay attention to the long game. my long game is pretty cute at the moment. lol.

thanks for the kickstarter support. im grateful.